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  • Greta Thunberg - Global Strike for Future for Greta Thunberg for our children and our children's children.

    The simplicity of her peaceful but determined protest, like a Gandhi of our times, made us fall in love with this young girl and we fully support her battle against global warming.

    We think that there is no future without sustainable growth and we cannot wait any longer! Politicians and world's economies will have to resign themselves.

    The feeling of been late in helping her with concrete support is strong, but now we are here! And we will follow and constantly support Greta, because we never want our children to ask us tomorrow:

    ''... but you, father and mother, what did you do to prevent our land from being reduced like this?'

    Therefore we want to express all our consent by our participation, as individuals and as a company, in the first global climate strike promoted by the #FridayForFuture movement.

    Greta Thunberg Facebook
    Friday for FUTURE

    MSF - Et selskab uden grænser for Doctors Without Borders

    Since 2003 monthly support MSF - Doctors without Borders.

    Just one click and a lot of word of mouth are enough to support MSF

    Your contribution, no matter how much, will be enough to give a small but very important hope to all those people whom are denied health care and freedom too often.

    MSF Websites

    I morgen (filmen) for Demain

    The documentary by Cyril Dion and actress and director Mélanie Laurent proves to be an alternative to today's world and they both committed themselves to take a tour of the world, to discover creative solutions to the problems we have, in less than 2 hours of films, show us how, with collaboration and inventiveness, you can find successful solutions to solve the problems related to the most important problems such as: pollution, energy, food, the economy, education and democracy, through the creation and use of urban gardens, renewable energies, complementary currencies, investments in public schools.

    It would only be necessary to adopt or improve existing solutions!

    A film that explains the interconnection between everything and every person very well

    Today we need to think more and more globally, if we want to achieve results ...

    This film should be distributed in schools all over the world, starting with the youngest children of elementary school.

    Greta tells us how we are never too small to produce a change, even an important one, the film equally urges viewers to become actors, themselves, of change. supports the logic of the film 'Demain' and all those who are committed to building a better world for our children ..